• UCCFS Loan products
    UCCFS Loan products

    Our loans range from 5million to 500million at an interest of 15-18% on reducing balance payable between 6-48 months 

  • UCCFS Agriculture Financing
    UCCFS Agriculture Financing

    UCCFS agriculture financing provides resources not only to the farmers but to the whole nation

  • Central Financing Fund (CFF)
    Central Financing Fund (CFF)

    UCCFS facilitates financial intermediation through mobilizing a pool of funds for members’ inter-lending.

  • Empowerement of the youth in financial literacy
    Empowerement of the youth in financial literacy

    UCCFS empowers the youth in financial literacy, discipline and entrepreneurial skills through Youth Savings Clubs linked to SACCOs

  • Capacity Building
    Capacity Building

    UCCFS’ initiative in building the capacity of leaders, management and members is the first step to cooperative sustainability

  • Finance of Cooperatives' whole agriculture value chain
    Finance of Cooperatives' whole agriculture value chain

    UCCFS finances cooperatives for the whole agriculture value chain, (i.e production, post-harvest handling, bulking, processing and marketing) for increased member benefits

Welcome to UCCFS

Uganda Central Co-operative Finance Services (UCCFS) Limited is a National co-operative providing financial services to all types of co-operatives in Uganda. UCCFS is a member based organization, and therefore is owned, used, controlled and benefits members (co-operatives).



Creating opportunities for co-operatives growth and services to co-operators through efficiency and economies of scale


To be “a catalyst for a financially strong and competitive co-operative movement”

Savings Products

UCCFS' saving products range from Ordinary Savings, Co-operators Investment Account (CIA) , Institutional Reserve Account (IRA), Coop Target Savings Account to Business Investment Accounts with aim of providing interest on return and helping cooperatives grow. Read more

Loans Products

To provide financial facilities to cooperatives have got liquidity challenges and they are un able to meet cash demands on a daily basis. Loan size is Minimum 5,000,000 Ugx and Maximum 200,000,000 Ugx. Interest rate is18% per annum on reducing balance Read more

Micro Insurance

We offer member cooperatives and individual cooperative members protection against accidentals that could impede their ability to meet financial needs Read more

Coop Support Services

Members can improve their governance and create sustainable business strategies with the help of our experienced staff and network of international. Read more

Financial Tips

Governance is the highest contributor to success. If an organisation has poor leadership, it cannot move forward. It's important to empower management so that they can perform their duties. Many SACCOS employ educated people but don't give them power to perform.

Mr Muhangi Kenneth, Manager - Kitagata SACCO
Jul 04, 2017

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