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Digital Financing Through Co-operatives(DIFICO)

We enhance Digital financing and expand the delivery of basic financial services to the financially excluded through innovative technologies like mobile-phone enabled solutions and digital payment platforms through SACCOs.

Project Objectives and Benefits.

  • Digital financing for Co-operatives and Linkage of UCCFS Members.
  • Agriculture Business Growth.
  • Risk Management.
  • Improved Governance.
  • Increased access to financial services by Cooperative members.
  • Increased Revenues for SACCOs
  • Easy and convenient mobile banking by SACCO Members using M-SACCO
  • Easy inter-branch management using Saving Plus
  • Increased internal controls management.
  • Logical Support including a computer set, multipurpose printer, routers and a solar system.


  • A SACCO must be a member of UCCFS.
  • Sign a Memorandum of Understanding to participate.
  • Willingness to contribute upto 25% of the total cost.
  • Active membership.